Auskick FAQs

Do you have some questions about Auskick? If you don't find your answers here, please feel free to contact us by phone or email (see the Club information pages).

What ages can I play Swanbourne Tigers Auskick?
We welcome all children from Kindy age up to Year 2.

Who runs Swanbourne Tigers Auskick?
Our centre is run entirely by volunteers, the parents of the participating children.  We run the centre within the guidelines and support of the AFL and the Claremont District.

Are parents able to participate?
We encourage ALL parents to get involved in assisting with each session, in fact, we expect it.  It doesn't matter if you've never played footy, if you can throw and catch a ball, you are qualified to help! 

Who will coach the kids?
All coaches are parents of kids involved.  Anyone can become an accredited coach, and we'll pay for your coaching accreditation course if you would like to get more involved.  The coaches though can't do everything, so they expect lots of help with all the skill drills and activities each week.

What should my child wear?
The club supplies a Swanbourne Tigers team guernsey for each child to wear for the season.  Footy boots are optional, though they do help if the conditions are wet, and can be bought from any sports shop such as Rebel Sports in Claremont. Footy shorts and the club navy-and-gold socks are also available, although there is no requirement for children to wear any particular type.

Is there anything else I need to bring?
Footballs and all equipment are provided.  Bring a drink bottle.

Are mouth guards required?
As Auskick is non-contact, mouth guards aren't compulsory, but accidents can very occasionally happen, so many parents choose to equip their kids with mouth guards.

Many parents who choose mouthguards for their kids opt for the boil-and-bite variety available from sports shops such as Claremont Sports in St Quentin's Avenue, Claremont, so it need not be an overly expensive exercise.

When is Auskick held?
Auskick is held from 9am to 10am on Sunday mornings.  Kids and parents start arriving from around 8:30am for a warm-up kick-to-kick session before being brought in at 9am for their pre-session rev-up.

What happens if it rains?
If there's consistent, heavy rain on the Sunday morning, the coaching group will make an early decision on whether to cancel the session.

Can/do girls play Auskick?

I'm worried football might be too rough?
Auskick is non-contact and no tackling of any kind is permitted for the Kindy to Year 2s.  No bumping is allowed in any age group.  The emphasis is ALWAYS on making sure kids have lots of fun and participate, while mixing with their friends from school and from the wider community - and, hopefully, learning a few footy skills along the way.