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Sunday, 7th Aug 2011 V Wembley Downs JFC.


17 sleepy, yawning Swanny Tigers rolled up to Luketina Reserve on Sunday for what many thought would be a reasonably competitive game against a fairly even opposition. What happened was a 9-goal, first quarter avalanche that would have made Lord Voldemort squirm. Clearly there was some dark, evil magic at work here as the Tigers have swallowed some dodgy sleeping potion that made them unable to chase or tackle.


Even the normally Dumbledore-like composure of Coach Johns was shaken by this blitzkrieg, and the boys were given some stern warnings about shaking themselves out of this muggle-like lethargy. There was certainly a lift in intensity, and even if Wembley Downs still scored a number of goals, at least we laid some tackles and chased to some degree. The Coach sent his own patronus (team runner) onto the field a number of times to try and combat this wave of black magic, but sadly, all to no avail.


It wasn’t all doom and gloom hoverer, Jarrad Sheridan (The Chosen One) took heed of the coach’s message and played a terrific game, taking a number of strong pack marks and attacking every contest with purpose and commitment.


This example was followed after half time by Ikey Broderick (Sirius Black) who showed some physical presence as well as Nick Woodford, Bayley Richardson, Andrew Slee and Joey Johns (The Order of the Phoenix) who also worked into the game. Credit where credit is due however and our opponents (Draco Malfoys) had their tails firmly in the air and continued to attack and send the ball into their forward 50.


The last quarter was our best, with Joey and Bayley (Ron and Hermione) kicking nice goals on the run after the Wembley Downs ‘Death Eaters’ had run out of potion. To be blunt, the final siren was a relief, and Coach Johns chatted to the boys about ensuring they all work hard at Quidditch Practice this Thursday as we attempt to turn around this dark spell of form. There was only one award this week given the one-sided result, and Jarrad Sheridan fittingly won the Polyjuice Potion for his strong efforts all game.




Sunday, 31st July 2011 V Marist JFC.

A bleak, cold and windy day awaited the Swanny Tigers 12’s for their game against Marist at Allen Park. Real old fashioned football weather greeted the boys who were returning from their 3 week school holiday sabbatical, and early on it did appear they were a little rusty.


To start the game on a negative, the umpire did not turn up, delaying the start for a few minutes until a volunteer parent could be found. Fortunately, Marist had such a volunteer, and he did a very good job in the trying conditions. Coach for the day was Matt Johns who kindly stepped in while Keith was otherwise occupied.


Captain for the Day was Jarrad Sheridan, who took his role serious enough to be a rock in defence in the first quarter. The windy conditions meant most of the play was on the outer side and goal scoring was tricky. Marist attacked for the majority of the quarter but did not get reward for effort as Swanny’s last line of defence held firm. Apart from Skipper Sheridan, Reid Bevan and Billy Reithmuller were prominent.


The second quarter was also a low scoring affair but this time it was Swanbourne who took the opportunity to attack, and again, found goals hard to come by. Petras Pilauskas was working hard on the ball and took some telling marks with a heavy ball. Bayley Richardson was revelling in the tough conditions, and led the way for endeavour and effort whilst Isaac Kelsall also worked hard for his team.


At half-time, Coach Johns Senior arrived and the boys went up a gear as it was clear they needed to attack and put Marist under some scoreboard pressure. This joint approach from the two coaches worked wonders as the third quarter was our best for the game with some wonderful attacking footy. Ikey Broderick was injected into the contest, and set the game ablaze, while Joey Johns had another one of his amazing cameos, and showed a number of small forwards around the country how to crumb a goal. Tom Barwood and Bennie Myburgh were also busy across half-forward while Riley Smith and Aston Ryder held Marist at bay down back.


Andrew Slee was another to step up a gear, driving the ball forward. Many of the boys increased their output as thankfully, the wind subsided a little and the play was easier to dictate.  The last quarter looked like being a cracker but it was all Marist as they attacked relentlessly and scored a number of goals. Credit to the Swanny backline of Nick Woodford, Conor Levy, Jack O’Dea who never gave up but Marist are a good side and found some handy avenues to goal late in the game. Next week we travel to Wembley Downs to play them again in what should be an excellent contest.  Thanks also to Matt Johns for stepping in and doing such a good job.


Sunday, 15th MAY 2011 V North Beach JFC.


Another perfect day for football as the sun shone brightly on Allen Park and the warriors from the Swanny Tigers 12’s team set themselves for a cracker of a game with North Beach. Traditionally, these two teams have had some even tussles, and Sunday proved no different as they put on a great display of running football.


Before the game, ever astute Coach, Keith Johns, made mention of the need for the boys to model their games on the extraordinary West Perth Falcons, undefeated WAFL ladder leaders. The boys clearly understood the significance of this request, and responded accordingly.


As the umpire hurled the ball into the sky to signal the start of the game, Petras Pilauskas also threw himself skywards and belted the ball forward where Tommy Barwood pounced for a quick and clever goal. In no time at all, Ikey Broderick, Nick Woodford and Joey Johns were all on the scoreboard, and by quarter time the game looked over. Unfortunately, no-one told North Beach this.


The second quarter was time for a Swanny Tigers snooze as North Beach hit back with some determined running and pressure tackling. Down back however, Ashton Ryder, Riley Smith, Liam Kellet, Reid Bevan, Jack O’ Dea and Benny Myburgh all toiled manfully to keep the deficit to an achievable target.


The third quarter was a real arm-wrestle, as the Tigers were kicking with a handy wind, but North Beach kept coming and also did well into the wind. Billy Reithmuller was prominent as was Andrew Slee and the ever reliable Jarrad Sheridan. At three-quarter time, this game was poised on a knife edge, and with the Tigers kicking into a strong breeze, North Beach were surely favoured to run out winners.


But it was not to be. Joey Johns placed himself in a forward pocket and went to work. With top support from Conor Levy, Dan Smith and Captain Alex Balcombe, Joey kicked multiple goals to ice the game. Josh McEvoy also hit top gear and the end was in sight. This last quarter was a terrific example of attacking, positive footy and showed how good this team can be when it all clicks into place. The team now has a bye to attend to some advanced skills training before jetting off to Melbourne to challenge the might of Cottesloe before a packed House at Etihad Stadium.




A sunny, warm May morning greeted the boys for this important clash against the strong Cottesloe outfit. After two promising earlier games against Wembley Downs and Subiaco, the Swanbourne machine was ready to rumble with Cottesloe, although Bayley Richardson had succumbed to a nasty finger injury and would be missed in the clinches.


Cottesloe, as always, started quickly, and kicked the first two goals and looked set for a stellar day. This Swanbourne team often takes a few minutes to get into gear and this again proved the case on Sunday. Prominent early were Billy Reithmuller and Nick Woodford through the midfield, taking advantage of some terrific ruck-work from Petras Pilauskas while Josh McEvoy repelled a number of attacks off half-back. When Swanny Tigers did go forward, Joey Johns was at his elusive best, and set up goal scoring opportunities.


The second quarter was the best of the game, as both sides traded goal for goal in a high quality display of footy. In defence, the Tigers were well represented by Isacc Broderick, Riley Smith, Liam Kellett and Reid Bevan. Ikey in particular came to the fore with some impressive second and third efforts.


At half-time, there was only a kick in it, but the fat lady was about to sing, and after the half-time break, Cottesloe went up a gear and kicked away in impressive fashion. Untimely injuries to Nick Woodford, Josh McEvoy and Ikey Broderick did not help the Tigers cause and they failed to man up to close down the Cottesloe juggernaut.


After such a promising start to the season, this was a harsh lesson for the boys, but they are a resilient group with great character, and will no doubt bounce back this week. Footy is a team game, and everyone needs to work together against teams like Cottesloe who run all day and attack regularly.


Let’s be frank however. This was a great weekend for football, with both Hawthorn and the West Perth Falcons having convincing victories, on their way to premiership glory. These two powerhouse sides are setting a great example to our young charges and we are all looking forward to this Sundays game against North Beach at Allen Park at 10am. See you all there!!