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Swanny Tigers vs. Kingsley Cats - 3rd July 2011

Patience rewards those who wait. The Tiger for example, knows that lying patiently in wait for a small antelope to pass by means lunch is on it's way. Devotees of the McAdam coaching apparel had to wait until Round 10 before the famed apricot denims made their appearance. And just like the small antelope and the game against the Kingsley Cats, weren't they worth the wait?


The Harringtons paid the price for arriving late( they have all of 400 metres to travel) with Jamie being sent on the pre-game search for barker's eggs while Jack manfully accepted the challenge of pulling on a Cats jumper to help make up numbers. Jack made a much better job of it than Jamie whose heart didn’t seem to in it.! The less said about Coach Lyons‘s ridiculous decision to try and play full field, the better. Suffice it to say we started late due to the goals having to be put in the right spot. The Tigers were out of the blocks with a couple of quick goals but the Cats were putting up a fight. They showed that we couldn’t afford to be cocky and by quarter time the difference was only 5 points.


The sobering first quarter saw the Tiges get down to business in the second. We got Harro back and The State U12 Discus Champion, Hamish L(has that been mentioned before?), had the Cats jumper over his head before he was told a couple of extra Cats had turned up meaning he could return to the fold. There were some fantastic passages of play with the ball moving quickly from our backline into the forward line like a line of lycra-clad cyclists rotating off the front of the peleton. Ollie and Ollie (H and B) were both terrific contributors  during the first half. A 3 goal 7 behind effort was an indication of the amount of possession we had. Those team players, Callum and Richo, were waving their massive plaster casts around from the coaches box in excitement.


After half time , the Princess Pia made her debut having spent the first half telling her knee to get it’s act together. She was a welcome addition to the forward line where Hugo was already running amok.


Tristan, who seems to be a target for heavy tackles lately, hit the ground pretty hard at one point, causing Kev to wander around the boundary to check him out. Kev reported to Coach Lyons that he was “OK and it would toughen him up”. While the Tiger has no doubts about the T-Man's toughness, he does doubt Kev's medical abilities. Post-match diagnosis? Concussion of course!


The last quarter was highly entertaining footy. Xandy was swung into the ruck where he proceeded to climb all over the opposing ruckman. Chris was swung into the forward line where he proceeded to not kick a goal.


Hamish L and the Q-Stick both disappeared into packs and much to everybody’s surprise, bobbed up seemingly out of sprinkler heads 20 metres away.


While a win is ,as they say a win, 8 goals 16 behinds means either the players get stage fright in front of goals or they just can’t kick straight. Most surely there will be goalkicking practice aplenty between now and resumed hostilities after the holiday break.


Marist Black awaits the Tigers. We are much-improved team since we last played them and here’s hoping for a better result!


Panthera Tigris Swanbourne


Swanny Tigers vs. Marist Blue - 26th June 2011


There are many things a large carnivore looks forward to. A bit of a scrap with a slightly smaller carnivore, chasing a water buffalo with a gammy leg and attending the annual Swanny Tigers’ Parents and Supporters’ Social. And so it was that the Tiger found himself last Friday night, wet nose against the window at the Seaview Golf Club watching proceedings with interest. There were other predators inside, i.e Coach McAdam, herding unsuspecting females onto the dance floor. There was a selection of very tasty looking mothers of the 13s doing very impressive cougar impersonations. It was all worth the trip out in the foul weather.


Also worth the effort was the trip to Allen Park on the following Sunday to watch the team’s continued resurgence, this time against Marist Blue. As supporters will know, goal kicking and accuracy have not been a trademark of our play thus far. On no occasion has the team kicked more goals than behinds. But that is a thing of the past. 3 goals alone to a rampant Jack Blauuw in the first quarter shows the Tigers’ radar is hot. 4 goals in front at quarter time.


The second quarter saw Connor playing out of his skin down back. A dominant display by him meant the opposition still hadn’t a goal on the board by half time while we continued to score freely with 7.3. Hamish A was completely bamboozling the back line at full forward, being fed by a dominant mid field. State U12 javelin champ (has the Tiger mentioned that before?), Chris Capretta, was running down anything wearing pale blue and Harro was everywhere.


Half time saw a few positional changes which meant perhaps not quite the heavy scoring of the first half but still some great work being done. The T-Man got into the act ,scoring his first goal for the year and the elusive Max continued to be as elusive as a positive opinion poll for Julia Gillard.


Another 4 goal term in the last quarter ,thanks to a couple from Jack Stanton and singles from Spence and Logan completed a dominant display from the team. The tackling and the overall teamwork and endeavour was a good as it has been all season and it showed with an extremely comfortable win.How about that scoreline? 12 goals 6 behinds.


Connor and Max received the highest weekly accolades available in junior footy with the Bluewater Café and Kirkwood Deli awards.


On the down side , we have lost Richo and Callum with matching broken hands compliments of skateboards. Hopefully their absences will be short-lived. When the coaches have a full uninjured squad at their disposal there will be mayhem in the 13s Maroon division!


A cordial invitation has been extended to the Kingsley Cats to join us at Allen Park this week. Make sure you are there!


Panthera Tigris Swanbourne.


Wembley Downs Cats Blue Vs Swanny Tigers - 19th June 2011


There were some among us who may have thought that after having put the frighteners on Cottesloe last week , this week the Tigers might be a bit off their tucker, a little jaded perhaps. Certainly as game day approached this week, reports began filtering in of players injured and indisposed. The T-Man Kelly had a sprained ankle. Salty had a recently amputated hand. The Princess had a dodgy knee (thanks very much damned netball!).Henners had gastro and Jack S was at some birthday party where the guests were required to shoot each other. Ollie B almost lasted the distance, only being med-evacced out at three quarter time with stomach pains that would have gotten him a part alongside Sigourney Weaver in Alien 4.


But those doubters are re-thinking their weekend plans, trying to work out how they can make sure nothing...absolutely nothing gets in the way of being able to watch this team in action for the rest of the season. Yes let the lawns grow, the dogs walk themselves and Grandma get her own Sunday lunch because you do not want to miss a minute of this team in action. When the aforementioned players all fronted despite debilitating injuries, you know this is a team to be reckoned with.


Having gone down earlier in the season to the other Wembley Downs team the coaches thought this game could be a struggle. And after the first couple of minutes ,with a goal on the board, it looked like it might be a long day at the office. But from the 5 minute mark of the first quarter when Max, having marked strongly at CHF, placed a beautifully weighted kick to Logan out wide who in turn goaled, the Cats were never really in it. They might have thought they were but nup, they weren't really. They hadn't prepared themselves for the tackling and the run. They obviously hadn't been told that the Tigers have taken teamwork to new levels.


A handy lead going into the break had the Tiger feeling all warm & fuzzy.


In a break with longstanding practice , the Coaching panel elected not to tamper with a nicely balanced combination but rather leave them to settle for another quarter. The on-ball combination of Logan, Chris, Callum and JB were giving us first use almost every time. The Madman Hugo, was repelling any forward thrust by the Cats continually frustrating them. Diamond Jim out on the wing was using all his skills and Spence was being creative on the half forward line. (The Tiger is almost positive he witnessed Spence use his right foot on one occasion!) The Tigers were getting to the ball first creating chances downfield. The second quarter was intense but with the Tigers again outscoring the opposition.


At half time it was apparent from the looks on their faces that the team was having a ball. Salty cast aside the annoying tape holding his hand to his wrist. Ollie B said nothing about what was going on in his intestines and Chris didn't care that he could barely walk. The T-Man was even warming up on his good leg. Nobody wanted to miss out on any of this.


We all know the third quarter can bring a lot of good work undone. Not long in, Harro came off with multiple injuries. As the Westpac chopper took Ollie B off into the distance, the crowd roared as Henners, barely recovered from 24 hours of running up and down the hall to the bathroom, loped onto the field to plug the gap. The team's spirit were lifted and each man did the job holding the Cats at bay. The Cats just weren't able to make any real inroads against a determined Tigers. The runner had Hamish A going from the forward pocket to the back pocket repeatedly to cover missing players which, despite being fairly confusing and exhausting ,meant Hamish managed to confuse his opponents as well. We did outscore the Cats ,doing it the hard way by kicking multiple behinds.


The three quarter time huddle even attracted some of the opposition supporters. Certainly everybody wanted to be near the players hoping some of their enthusiasm would rub off. When they ran out for the last quarter there was still a nagging doubt about whether they could hold on. Weren't we in the same position last week with Cottesloe? Harro had unplugged the drip and the monitors and taken up a position in the back line from where he launched a couple of excellent runs up the ground. Ollie H was the intimidating figure he always is. Chris, apparently resting at full back, was impenetrable. Apart from his usual workmanlike performance, Xandy managed a strong pack mark to add a string to his bow.


A highlight was a passage of play involving the coaches' sons. Having already fluffed a reasonably straight -forward shot for goal earlier, Hamish, with a free kick on the boundary, sensibly elected not to attempt some tricky checkside banana. Rather he stab-passed inside to the Q-Stick who swallowed it and went back with some purpose in his stride. Little did we know that purpose was to attempt a torpedo from about 18 metres out on a slight angle. Naturally the resulting wobbled behind will lead to some animated discussion over the McAdam dinner table this week!


But there will be animated discussion around the Western suburbs’ dinner tables this week, centered upon the fabulous 13 point victory against the Cats. The Coulsons will also be discussing Hugo having received the Bluewater café award for his strong game and the McAlpines will be all heading down to the Kirkwood Deli to cash in Logan’s voucher for a fantastic display of ruck-work and aerial skills.


Next week we’re back at our den with a chance to keep the juggernaught rolling against Marist Blue.


The Tiger hopes to see all the players’ parents and hangers-onners displaying their own various skills at the big shin-dig at Seaview Golf Club on this Friday night.

Panthera Tigris Swanbourne.


Cottesloe Magpies Vs Swanny Tigers - 12th June 2011


You could tell they were nervous. They didn't let us into the boudoir normally reserved for visiting teams. They didn't want them to feel special in any way. They know the Swanny Tigers usually produce something special against the old foe and this season, with premiership points on the line for the first time, the Cottesloe Magpies were not going to roll out the red carpet this time.


But the Tiger knows that the 13s don't need to be molly-coddled. They don't need the air-conditioned changerooms ,tastefully decorated by the CMMIDA(* see below) with Designers' Guild wallpaper and coordinated soft furnishings. No, give 'em a patch of grass, an old plastic drink bottle their kid sister uses and a slap on the back and they'll produce blue riband footy every time.....and so it was for the first quarter last Sunday.


The coaching panel had for the first time in a while the luxury of a bench of 3. Coach Lyons had brought along his now famous but secret oil, sending the team out with polish guns glistening in morning sun. You could sense the apprehension in the opposition. Yes they were top of the table and yes they had recruited heavily in the off-season taking a couple of Tigers but they knew they couldn’t take us lightly.

Gee that first quarter was a beauty. The Tigers used a favourable breeze intelligently and had the Magpies on the back foot from the get go. The tackling was ferocious with nary a Tiger taking a backward step. The ball did not enter the Magpies forward line for the quarter and of course that means they didn’t score. The Tigers on the other hand did score several times and only inaccuracy and frantic opposition backmen prevented an even bigger lead at quarter time.


One question was, would the wind allow the Magpies back into the game. Another question was who was the bloke with the camera on the far side of the ground with the odd accent?


Well the Magpies did get back into the game but couldn’t prevent the Tigers scoring against the wind and maintaining a slender lead by half time. The highlight of the quarter was the goal kicked form a passage of play started by Richo deep in defence. If the crowd had been sitting it would have brought them to their feet. Good old Nick Buckland, running the boundary, continued to show why he has the hair style he does. The lack of hair getting in the eyes allows him to pick up every opposition centre bounce infringement.

At half time the coaches, the parents, the players and the bloke with the camera were thinking of the previously unthought of thought…which the Tiger can’t presently think of but might have had something to do with winning.


The third quarter gave us more of the same with the team again using the breeze to its advantage. Ollie H was swung into the ruck sending Logan to the half backline. Callum continued buzzing around the packs while Hamish L split them open. Spencer and Jack S had a run on the ball after having had rewarding stints in the forward line. JB was out on one wing with the Princess on the other, kind of like a pair of angry ants circling their next meal. Connor was his usual imperious self in the forward line . Max was playing a blinder, all sort of slippery and annoying. Henry brought his devastating left boot into play on more than one occasion. The combined result was an evenly poised game at three quarter time although we were still in front. There were a few changes made including the hoarse(as in no voice left) runner Spindles going to the boundary to rest the vocals and the bloke with the camera had packed up and gone home.


The last quarter saw the Magpies click up a gear, still kicking with the breeze. They were inaccurate due entirely to the pressure from their mums and the Tigers backline. The Tigers were soaking up the pressure. Tristan Kelly soaked up more than most. He copped a couple of very heavy tackles from much bigger blokes. Coach Lyons was reaching for the Royal Flying Doctor Service hotline until the T- Man bounced up each time with that “is that the best you’ve got” look on his face!


As painful as it is to report they got over us by 7 points. For a team that sits on top of the ladder with a percentage of several hundred percent, the Magpies will have some soul-searching to do. The magnificent Tiges on the other hand can only look forward to continued improvement as the mid-way point of the season is reached. Hamish Lyons continued his impressive season with a tremendous display both in the forward line and at half –back. The Bluewater Café Award was his. Logan dominated the ruck in the first half setting up the Tigers forward moves and coupled with a stint at half back, took home the Kirkwood Deli Award.


This week the Tigers’ caravan moves onto Luketina Oval(again) to gain some revenge on the Wembley Downs Cats. An extra training session during the week with a very impressed “Harry” from Claremont Colts will have done some good. Make sure you are there!


Panthera Tigris Swanbourne

*Cottesloe Magpie Mothers' Interior Decorating Auxiliary.


Swanny Tigers vs Carine Cats - 29th May 2011


Unfortunately  the many followers of the Swanny Tigers 13s will  have been relying on their own recollections of the games played in the last two weeks unaided by the Tiger’s usual dispassionate and completely accurate commentary. The Tiger has been out of action for a couple of weeks but is back on the ball, paw on the pulse and ear to the ground. From this position it is sometimes difficult to actually see what’s going on but the Tiger relies on all his senses to analyse the performances of this team of gifted athletes.


And so it was the Tiger was on full alert for the game against the Carine Cats. While closely related in a feline sort of way, neither the Tiger or the team had ever before laid slitted eyes on the opposition. They came well-credentialled with a couple of wins under their pelts but the Tigers showed they were up for it with a spirited first quarter which saw them take a slender lead. That slender lead had increased to a slightly less slender lead by half-time after the Tigers continued some good form with excellent use of the ball out of the centre. Jack “Panty Hose “Stanton was a live wire at full forward presenting himself to his team mates time and again.


No doubt the team was looking forward to the half time break with each player having given plenty to that point. Some team members indicated they were anxious to try different positions . Coach McAdam was keen to accommodate ,pointing out that the black line around the ground marked the area in which the ball could be obtained should one wish to do so. And so the third quarter, the premiership quarter as it is known, commenced with 18 on-ballers taking to the field. But you couldn’t confuse the likes of Salty who while, not particularly enjoying the backline set about the job he was given. Logan banged a couple from a long way out giving the fans something to go nuts about. The Tigers held on gamely during the third quarter, surrendering the lead begrudgingly but gradually so that by three quarter time we knew we had to hold on to make a real game of it.


Unfortunately, like Bertie Beetle showbags after the first day of the Royal Show, the legs may have run out. The final quarter saw the Cats claw their way over the top of us a bit. The endeavour was there but its going to take some time for the team to acclimatize to the bigger grounds and a smaller bench. As Coach Lyons told the group, each week the number of quarters during which it all comes together is increasing. It looks like it will all come together against the old foe Cottesloe this week at Cottesloe. Despite the seduction and distraction of the boutique changerooms ( will there be piped chamber music and canapés this year?), this team has had some famous battles at that ground over the years and this week will be no different. The presence of some old team mates amongst the Magpies will no doubt add a little incentive to perform well.


The loss against Carine would have been far greater than the 4 goals were it not for the sterling efforts of Salty on the full back line and he took off the Bluewater Café Award for his efforts.

Panty Hose looked like he kicked a bagful although in reality it was only one…but the 8 behinds he kicked were fantastic and he walked away with the Kirkwood Deli Award for his efforts.


Panthera Tigris Swanbourne


Swanny Tigers vs Marist Black - 15th May 2011
Last week The Tiger overheard Coach Lyons telling Coach McAdam he was an idiot. Perhaps not the first time that exchange has taken place but supporters might wonder why on this occasion… although probably not if, after the Kingsley game, they heard McAdam utter the phrase “is it too soon to talk about finals”? Clearly it is.
While the warm feeling of a clean sweep of grading games and a win away in week 1 still linger within the Tiger’s ample pelt, a pang of reality emerges after the game against Marist Black. A close analysis of the game shows we won two quarters, the first and the last. Unfortunately we didn’t score at all during the second or third while the Marist boys had a bit of a 3 course picnic including Bollinger, crayfish, a selection of cold meats and preserves followed by a cheese platter, profiteroles and a half bottle of Chateau d’Yquem each.
As the Tiger wonders what causes lint to form in the belly button, he also ponders the reason for the reversal of form. Of course Logan was a non-starter after his concussion last week but Ollie H, promising to spend the night in the canteen to ensure he was on time this week, could easily have filled that gap and of course we had the lunatic Hugo back for a cameo appearance.  Unfortunately Ollie copped one in the ear and retired at quarter time so we were a little light on in the big man department even though George B has a bit to offer in that regard. Actually it wouldn’t have mattered because the coaches could have stacked all three on top of each other and they still wouldn’t have outreached the opposing ruckman.
However the Marist coach was apoplectic at quarter time because despite his expectations the Tigers were a nose in front, with Hamish L scrambling one of his typically opportunistic goals. It was ,as it turned out the only opportunistic goal or otherwise for the entire game! The Tigers appeared to have crawled into their sleeping bags for the next two quarters although it must be said, they weren’t doing much wrong. It’s just that most of the game was being conducted at a level about 6 feet above the ground making it difficult for our boys to make much of an impact. The Tiger could swear he saw tumble weed rolling across the Tigers forward line and a coyote wandering around. There were at least however two highlights during that dark period. One was the sparkling form of Diamond Jim Reike who must have taken 6 marks to prevent a flogging. The second was the centre square infringement called by Nick Buckland AGAINST Marist. (for significance see last week’s match report).
Having had his attention drawn to the fact that we hadn’t scored for two quarters, Coach Lyons urged the team to register something at least in the last quarter. And while two behinds might have fallen a tad short of expectations, the Tigers did not give up and held the opposition very well.
Jack B ran his legs off all day and laid some pretty handy tackles for a bloke who is 4 foot nothing. He got the Bluewater Café award for his efforts while Diamond Jim got the Kirkwood Deli award.
And it won’t be any easier this week with  a big cat fight at Luketina Oval in Wembley Downs. Lets hope that we can re-group and have a real crack at the Cats.
Panthera Tigris Swanbourne

Kingsley Cats vs Swanny Tigers - 8th May 2011

The Tiger has returned from a sojourn south to visit his cousins, the shy and retiring Manjimup and Nannup Tigers. A visit to the country was necessary to calm the thumping feline heart after the Swanny Tigers 13s completed the grading games before Easter undefeated. Who in their right mind thought it was a good idea to stick the team into the lower division to begin with? Did they not realize with whom they were dealing? The Tiger only hopes that the Claremont District is providing counselling to the teams unfortunate enough to come up against the Swanny Tigers, ravenous for success. Like the first two, the last two games were fantastic , particularly against the Warwick-Greenwood boys.


A couple of weeks off might have taken the edge off the Tigers but, alas for the Kingsley Cats, it was not to be. Having been elevated into the next division on the back of their early successes, cut lunches and compasses were required for the trip to the oval whose name escapes the Tiger. Some players obviously forgot the compass and arrived a bit late. There were plenty of questions being asked as we welcomed first gamer Ollie Beards. What did he have to offer the team? Would he cut the mustard? How big is this damn oval? How do we get home again? Has anybody seen Ollie Heath? Is their full back really only 12?. Well some answers were clearly given in the second quarter when Ollie B took control of the half back line, giving the Cats a real headache. As to the others, the Tiger hasn’t heard from the Harringtons last seen leaving the ground heading north punching questions into the GPS and the Tiger still doesn’t think the full back was only 12.


Speaking of headaches, the crowd looked on anxiously as the captain ,Logan, was helped off having received an accidental knock to the scone. He wasn’t making a lot of sense and after being checked out by our panel of on-call physicians, was ruled out for the rest of the game. The Tiger understands that he has a mild concussion but was and is otherwise OK.


It was a relatively low-scoring affair but one of considerable intensity with the team still getting used to playing on a ground the size of Subiaco Oval.(The Tiger is sure he saw a herd of beef cattle grazing over in the left forward pocket.) Inaccuracy was affecting both sides as the Tigers players appeared to be  still mulling over Coach McAdam’s pre-match oration which had commenced just after Good Friday.


There were plenty of Mums having a big day out at the ground which might explain an unusual feature of this game. With unprecedented generosity, the Tigers gave away repeated free kicks for centre square infringements which put pressure on the half-forward line and the coaching panel’s collective brow. Fortunately, the Cats were unable to capitalize on these magnanimous gestures. The spirit of generosity continued with Max haring off down the wing with the ball, avoiding tackles by the opposition and his team mates alike. In a cunning plan that worked to perfection, he drew the opposition away from our goals before, with the light having come on, turning suddenly and booting the ball 40 metres back towards goal, regaining about 35 metres of the territory lost.


Ollie Heath was not so accommodating. Having spent the first half relaxing in his Mum’s car somewhere between the ground and Allen Park, he set the game alight with a thrilling run through the centre. One bounce became two, two became three and three looked like four until he hit a divot on the fourth bounce and it all went pear-shaped…literally.


There was a lot of action off-field as well with the Manageress, clipboard under the arm, having to remind the Cats runner to enter and exit between the cones. We had two runners ,Tom Blauuw (Jack B’s brother), who, other than trying to work out the players names, had no such difficulties, and Simona Capretta(not Jack B’s brother) who decided the best way to avoid any such unpleasantness was to not leave the coaches’ box. The messages could wait apparently.


During the final quarter, the Cats elected to put their entire team in the backline leaving the Tigers own backline twiddling their thumbs and discussing the strength of the Australian dollar. When the ball did came out of the forward line they sold raffle tickets as to who would send it back from whence it came. There was some great footy on display from all the players but the Tiger suspects though that there might be some goal-kicking practice at training this week along with a bit more reinforcing of the centre bounce rules.


Hamish Anderson ran his legs off ,demanding the Kirkwood Deli prize this week while our own “QUnit”, Quinn McAdam, claimed the Bluewater Café voucher with a dominant display at full back and then in the centre.


There’ll be no Bacis being given out to the Mums this week. They’ll all have to settle for the champagne footy that will be on offer as the Tigers return to their own lair to take on a strong Marist unit.

Result; Tigers 4 . 10 .34  Cats 2 .8.20

PS:  Note to Coaches and manager- Fond as we are of them, please can we have no more Ollies, Jacks, Georges or Hamishs in the team?


Panthera Tigris Swanbourne


Scarborough Sea Eagles vs Swanny Tigers - 10th April 2011

Well, if the Mayans are proved right in 2012 then the final AFL Footy Season in the history of the planet, will go down as one in which the ‘Swanny Tigers 13s’ represented the pinnacle of the world’s favourite sport.  Within 30 minutes of the commencement of the 2011 season, supporters’ pulses were set racing!

Pulses would have been racing in any event if supporters had to walk to the game but as it was, a full tank of petrol and cut lunch was all that was required to watch the 1st grading game against the Scarborough Sea Eagles in deepest darkest Nollamara last Sunday.  Two 15 minute halves gave us a taste of what might be on the menu for Swanny Tigers supporters this season. Reporting by the Tiger will be slightly more difficult this year due to the fact we have two Ollies, two Hamishs, two Georges and 17 Jacks in the team.  Nicknames will become necessary. The Tiger is however in Tiger-heaven as we play the Claremont Tigers and the North Beach Tigers! So much feline rivalry!

To the game. “Panty-hose” Stanton opened the team’s account for the season accepting a rocket handball from Max Nelson to slot one through.A rejuvenated Xandy took a well-earned free kick and put his first through for the season.  We saw ‘Spencer’ spinning out of a pack and snapping with his left foot and the first half finished off the same way 2010 finished off, with Henry banging one through.  In the second half Connor managed to put one through with a flashy check-side kick and the highlight must have been the Princess Pia bringing down a Sea Eagle in front of goal earning a free kick and finishing it off with a kick that although looked like an uncooked hamburger off the boot, sailed through the big sticks. 

A blazing start to the season highlighted by some ferocious tackling, it certainly didn’t look like there were any cobwebs to be blown out.

After a 45 minute address by Coach McAdam, punctuated by a couple of jelly babies and an orange, the Tigers commenced a repeat performance against the hitherto unknown ‘Kingsway Rockets’.  In an inauspicious start to his captaincy, Logan lost back- to- back tosses and we found ourselves kicking into the teeth of that howling easterly.  However, howl as that easterly might, it could not prevent wave after wave of Tigers penetrating the forward line.  Logan took a strong mark 240 metres out and managed to bang it through whilst Panty-hose kicked his second for the day.

Quinn McAdam, having 3 halves of footy at fullback and playing like a man possessed, was slotted into the forward line where he immediately  scored.  New man, former Redback , Jack Blauw, was living the dream playing with the Tigers. He was however creating as nightmare for the opposition, tearing them to shreds with slashing runs through the centre and on one occasion, down a tunnel created by a very tasty hip and shoulder delivered by State U12 Discus champ, Hamish Lyons.  Hamish Anderson on the other hand, having received an equally good hip and shoulder, merely bounced back up and laid a tackle on the offending Rocket.  State U12 Javelin champ, Chris Capretta, was spearing the ball in from centre half back to the forward line where goals to Connor, Richo and Hamish L meant that there were 10 goal scorers overall. As Coach Lyons pointed out it meant that almost everybody who had played in the forward line on the day , managed to kick a goal.

While the Tigers managed to kick a bag full of goals while holding the oppositions scoreless, the Tiger thinks a feature of 2011 will be the tackling.  As much as anything else, the tackling displayed by Ollie Heath earned him the Blue Water Café certificate.  Xandy Buckland, who bears little resemblance to the Xandy Buckland who played for us last year, showed the kind of endeavour that got Shackleton to the South Pole (admittedly Shackleton didn’t make it back from the South Pole, but then he didn’t have the benefit of a Kirkwood Deli certificate like Xandy did).

Was our success a flash-in-the-pan? 

Will we be brought down to earth this weekend with 2 further grading games? 

Well you better be at the Des Penman Reserve this Sunday at 10:00am to find out!

Panthera Tigris Swanbourne